Envisioning, Structuring and Situating Earth Science in Classical Education: The Value and Planning of a Course in Earth Science, and Why Earth Science Should Be A Logic- or Rhetoric-Stage Subject

Earth Science (ES) enjoyed a prominent place in classical scientific enquiry, and the weight given to ES continued through medieval and modern times and into the present. Unfortunately, the centrality of ES as a field of study is being lost, even in many classical schools. Increasingly, ES is diminished to facts learned in the Grammar stage or, alternatively, to fragmentary insertions into other Logic- or Rhetoric-stage classes; both approaches are ill-advised.

ES lends itself to study in the Logic or Rhetoric stages for several key reasons, three of which will be explored in this seminar. Properly conceived and situated study of ES prepares our students for wise stewardship of the Earth, and for responsible involvement in societal dialogue and decision-making.