Everyday Themes in Literature: Using Narrative to Develop the Whole Person

Alicia Brummeler July 22, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


Quality literature opens the door for discovery and discussion into developing the whole person. As grammar and logic teachers, we often design novel studies to fulfill curricular goals; this workshop will guide participants to think about designing novel studies that incorporate a holistic, everyday view of persons. Using The Hobbit and To Kill a Mockingbird an anchor texts, participants will examine how themes of hospitality, ritual, work, and play fill the pages of these novels, creating opportunity for growth and reflection in our students as well as in our own lives. In addition, participants will receive practical tools and teaching strategies for their own novel studies.


discovery Grammar Literature logic teachers The Hobbit To Kill A Mockingbird


Alicia Brummeler

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