Faith-Learning Integration

Faith-learning integration is a stated goal of classical education that is also Christian (CCE).
However, such an aspiration does not guarantee that faith-learning integration actually is or
becomes a hallmark of CCE. In some CCE settings, faith-learning integration is impeded
because of undue emphasis on the humanities, whereas in other CCE contexts it is waylaid
because poor foundations have been laid for study of the sciences. It is suggested that
science education in the CCE context can only be fruitful ultimately if the philosophical
and theological foundations of science are first well-established and then made manifest
throughout the teaching of specific science courses. A full-orbed approach to science
education and, in fact, all truth-seeking, dictates that teachers introduce their courses with
a clearly established and communicated philosophical and theological framework that both
imbibes and revels in the glory of God displayed in the unity and coherency of truth within
and across disciplines, and that also recognizes the limits of science due to human finitude and