Increasing the Effectiveness of Your School’s Small Development Shop

Jason Lewis June 28, 2015

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2015


Schools with fewer than 500 students often have a difficult time identifying and cultivating donors who can make transformative gifts. Conventional approaches to high capacity fundraising often assume large development budgets and layers of fundraising activities that smaller schools simply can’t sustain. In this workshop, participants will discover how community alignment, hiring decisions, shared leadership and measuring performance can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your school’s small development shop. Participants will leave provoked yet encouraged with a fresh perspective of how to design and implement their development office.


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Jason Lewis
As BetterSchools’ fundraising leader, Jason Lewis currently assists classical, Christian school leaders in designing and implementing their strategic plan; hiring, training and coaching fundraising professionals; and evaluating their readiness for and execution of multi-million dollar capital campaigns. As the head of school and chief development officer at a classical, Christian school, Jason transitioned fundraising efforts from a conventional, arms-length approach to a high-touch, major gifts approach with clearly defined performance expectations for the school’s advancement officers. The centerpiece of this strategy—a performance management dashboard - has gained recognition among private school and nonprofit leaders as an effective tool for evaluating and increasing fundraising performance. In 2008, Jason received his initial certification as a Certified Fundraising Executive (Recertification, 2015); and, in 2011, he was recognized as a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Master Trainers. As a complement to his undergraduate studies in business, he completed his Master of Science in Nonprofit Management in 2010.

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