Integrating Mathematics History and Primary Resources

Is ‘Ad Fontes’ the exclusive call of the humanities, or could mathematics and science
classes profit by using primary sources as well? This session will consider the benefits and challenges of using primary sources in math and science classes and help sort out how to make them effective. We will explore how primary sources can augment textbooks by giving students firsthand access to the technical narrative of discovery. We will also discuss replicating these great historic discoveries as lab work as well as using primary sources
to consider issues in faith and science. Whether your class has never attempted to use primary sources before, or whether you have been reading Newton’s Principia Mathematica for years, this session will offer an accessible path for fully integrating primary source materials into any of your lessons from arithmetic to electricity. Newton claimed that his work was possible because he was standing “on the shoulders of giants,” (especially Gallileo and Kepler). This seminar will help us learn how to keep our equilibrium when we are up on those shoulders ourselves.