Is Everything Better With Bacon? Assessing Modern Science

David Innes June 28, 2015

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2015


We will explore the origin and spirit of modern scientism in Francis Bacon’s 17th Century project to establish human mastery over the universe.


Education Philosophy Science Upper School


David Innes
David Innes is a the chair of the program in politics, philosophy and economics at The King’s College in Manhattan where he seeks to integrate faith with the study and teaching of politics. He makes that integration in class and in his book, Left, Right, and Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics (2011). Professor Innes teaches the Foundations of Politics course in the Core as well as advanced courses in modern and Christian political thought and political economy. Though a theorist and a Francis Bacon scholar, Prof. Innes writes a weekly column at on current political issues. In addition to his work on Bacon, he has also published in The City, The Washington Times,,, and Relevant magazine. He earned his Ph.D. from Boston College and has taught previously at Assumption College and Stonehill College in Massachusetts, and Geneva College in Pennsylvania.

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