Master’s Programs for Teachers and Leaders and in Classical Education

Matthew Post July 19, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


The classical education movement is more vital than ever before, proving to skeptics that the education it offers is the best preparation for academic and professional success, and assuring the rest of us that American education again takes seriously the spiritual aesthetic, moral, and civic formation of the country's youth. But as this movement becomes more successful, the need to attend to the education of its teachers and leaders becomes ever more pressing. The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts provides graduate programs specifically designed to support teachers and leaders in their pursuit of that education, giving them the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the classics and to engage in the kinds of investigations and debates that inspired their love of the classics in the first place. However, it is the extremely important that we work together in framing this education. In this workshop, I will present our curricular plans and showcase major features of some of our core courses, inviting participants to discuss what, as educators and leaders, they would like in their own education, all with a view to improving our programs and tailoring them to what will best serve the classical education community. In the process, we will discuss the unity of the disciplines in classical education, the relationship between content and pedagogy, and our development of high-quality online courses.


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Matthew Post

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