Metaphysics Matters

Ravi Jain June 25, 2012

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2012


We in the Christian classical schooling champion the role that goodness, truth, and beauty play in shaping our curriculum and our culture. But would we ever consider teaching a class on them? The medievals did, and guess what they called it? Metaphysics. Goodness, truth, and beauty along with unity are considered the transcendental properties of being, an aspect of metaphysics. In other words, all of reality somehow exhibits these properties because reality is the creation of a good, true, and beautiful God. It turns out that the medieval topic of metaphysics covered not only these transcendentals, but also such poignant questions such as the nature of truth and meaning. When we ask how we can defend absolute truth in a relativistic society, we must lean on metaphysics. Medieval metaphysics explored other deep questions like God's relationship to creation and 'the one and the many' problem. It also provided a framework for the integration of the disciplines that is woefully lacking in fragmented modern education. This seminar will consider how to recapture the now lost category of metaphysics, so important to the ancients and the medievals, and explore how to teach it in our schools.


Classical Education Medieval Metaphysics


Ravi Jain
Ravi Jain graduated from Davidson College with a BA and interests in physics, ancient Greek, and international political economy. He worked at various churches, received an M.A. from Reformed Theological Seminary, and later earned a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics from the University of Central Florida. He began teaching Calculus and Physics at the Geneva School in 2003. During his tenure there he has coauthored “The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education,” and has given over 50 talks and workshops throughout the country on topics related to Christian classical education.

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