Navigating Middle Earth: Creating Community in Logic School

Mary Clifford November 8, 2018

Presented at:
2018 SCL Annual Conference


Logic School is often viewed as just a bridge between the Grammar and Rhetoric years, but these years are a time of great change and growth for students. Enriching these years with a true sense of community among the students is essential to a successful Logic School. However, creating a sense of belonging and a true feeling of community among the students can be challenging, particularly as a school grows in size.With over 170 students, the Geneva School of Boerne Logic Schoo has found success in cultivating community and unity through a Tolkien-themed annual celebration. This tradition fosters community and is highly anticipated by students, as well as faculty. In this session, we will explore how to create a Logic School honor code, how to use devotion groups to create fellowship across grade levels and the importance of celebrating together.


Classical Education Classroom Community Logic School Teaching


Mary Clifford
Mary Clifford is a Logic School Humanities teacher at the Geneva School of Boerne. She has taught at Geneva for nine years and is a former Grammar School Paideia Award winner for excellence in teaching. She and her husband have two sons and live in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.

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