Navigating the Challenges and Pitfalls of Transitioning to Singapore Math, and the Fruitful Harvest that Awaits Those Who Do

Cynthia Leakey July 19, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


Implementing Singapore Math, though well worth the effort, is not without an abundance of obstacles. Teachers are unfamiliar with how to teach it, and interpreting the teacher's manual can feel like trying to teach math in Mandarin! Engineering parents of fifth - and sixth-graders don't know how to help their child (who hasn't learned algebra) to solve homework problems. Students don't know what to make of Singapore Math when they are introduced to it, as math looks and feels different than it ever has before. How can these obstacles be overcome? Come learn practical ideas to work through the challenges of implementing Singapore Math, and be encouraged in the rewards you will reap if you persevere in this endeavor.


Singapore Math


Cynthia Leakey

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