Re-forming the Formers: Self-Examination for Teachers

James K. A. Smith June 9, 2013

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2013


In Desiring the Kingdom and Imagining the Kingdom, I argued that we are all “liturgical animals”- -we are shaped by rituals and practices that form our identities because they aim our loves. This includes “secular liturgies” that we might mistakenly think are just “neutral” Christian practices. Building on that picture, this workshop will help teachers consider how our own educations and formations might have covertly led us to adopt educational ideals that are not consistent with a biblical picture.


Bible Liturgy Teachers Theology


James K. A. Smith
Jamie K.A. Smith, is professor of philosophy at Calvin College where he also teaches in the department of Congregational and Ministry Studies and serves as a research fellow of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Jamie is an award-winning author whose books include Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?; Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation; Letters to a Young Calvinist, and most recently, Teaching and Christian Practices: Reshaping Faith and Learning (co-edited with David Smith). His writing has also appeared in magazines such as the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Christian Century, First Things, and Books & Culture. He and his wife, Deanna, have 4 children and are committed urban dwellers who make their home in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI. Website:

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