Regent’s Thesis Presentation | Brandon Dickey Presents and Defends

Peter Alvarez June 29, 2014

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2014


During this plenary session, a Regents School of Austin senior presents a 20-minute speech. Subsequently, the student defends his/her ideas before a panel of four expert judges, during a 20-min Q&A exhibition. (After this plenary session, join Alvarez and a panel of 12th-grade students for a breakout discussion on helping students to research, write and publicly defend meaningful senior theses.)


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Peter Alvarez
Peter Alvarez holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy (University of Illinois) and a graduate degree in philosophy of religion (Boston University), both conferred with academic honors. He completed post-graduate research in classical languages and literature at Boston Theological Institute (Boston College), before beginning his doctoral research in philosophy of mind and cognitive neuropsychology (Fuller Theological Seminary) under Dr. Nancey Murphy and Dr. Warren Brown. Alvarez maintained professional memberships with APA (American Philosophical Association), AAR (American Academy of Religion), and SPEP (Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy), among others, and has held leadership positions at Gordon College (lead teaching assistant), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (teaching fellow), and Fuller Theological Seminary (instructor). Currently, he serves as the Senior Thesis Program Director at Regents School of Austin, where he also teaches humanities courses and coaches soccer

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