School Culture is Revealing

Byrle Kynerd May 28, 2011

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2011


This session will focus on what School Culture is, what it reveals, where it comes from, and several of the ways it impacts a school. We will prepare the participants for ways to develop or revitalize their School Culture so it is Christ honoring and encourages sustainability for the School.


Classical Education School Culture


Byrle Kynerd
University of Georgia, M.A., B.S. - Mississippi College, Superintendent - Briarwood Christian School, (30 years, 1976-2006), Presently on staff of the School working with School Advancement, Missions, Curriculum Promotion. Chancellor - Briarwood Christian School, 2006 to present. He has contributed chapters for several books, ad he is a past Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of Christian Schools International and serves on the Executive Board. Faculty member for the Van Lunen  Fellows Program at Calvin College Member of Briarwood Presbyterian Church he is a native of Raymond, Mississippi.

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