SCL Journal Fall 2014—The Case for Keeping the Western Tradition Alive

Classical schools are sometimes accused of o ering a narrow, outdated curriculum. While it may seem to these detractors that the goals of modern progressive education are much broader and all-encompassing than those of classical education, the opposite is actually the case.

Modern education appears to be broader because it stands the student on the edge of a great plain with many signs pointing in different directions but with no clear path to help him get to the other side. In fact, they say, getting to the other side isn’t really the point. Your choices are innumerable; just set out in whichever direction you choose and stop when you feel you’ve gone far enough. Classical education, on the other hand, offers one well-worn path across the plain which at the end opens up onto an expansive, varied, and beautiful landscape which the student has been equipped by his journey to explore.