Socratic Literary Exploration: How to Teach Dialogically

Grant Horner June 30, 2012

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2012


Professor Grant Horner will lead a fully interactive Socratic teaching dialogue demonstrating interrogative pedagogy. Seven to ten seminar participants will work Socratically through two or three brief, connected literary passages from John Milton, one classical pagan author, and Scripture. If the seminar has more attendees than that, the extras will observe. The last ten minutes will be devoted to analyzing the Socratic thread and various questioning technique for teachers.


Classical Education Debate Pedagogy Teachers


Grant Horner
Professor Grant Horner’s academic specialty is the literature, theology and philosophy of the Renaissance and Reformation, with primary concentration in Milton, Shakespeare, Erasmus, Luther, Calvin and late sixteenth and seventeenth century intellectual and cultural history. His research and writing has focused on Christian Humanism in the Reformation, particularly the complex relationship between developing Reformed thought and Classical Graeco-Roman pagan mythology and philosophy. At Duke University he was taught and mentored by Stanley Fish, America’s leading literary theorist. He has worked on the citation of classical Greek and Latin authorities by Renaissance writers, published on theology and the arts, and is actively researching and writing a full-length work on John Milton and John Calvin. His book Meaning at the Movies on film and theology (Crossway, 2010) was an Amazon bestseller and nominated for Book of the Year in Christianity and Culture by the Book Retailers Association.

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