Staying Mission True (or Preventing Mission Drift)

Jean Kim July 21, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


Facing mission drift is inevitable unless your school intentionally seeks to and works to remain mission true. Starting from the assumption that classical Christian schools have  a fantastic mission to protect, this session will outline common ways that schools can suffer mission drift and provide practical suggestions for remaining mission true, generation after generation.


classical christian schools Mission mission drift


Jean Kim
Jean Kim graduated from a top NAIS school and Yale University, and after having spent her entire career in education, Jean Kim fell in love with the ideals of Christian Classicism, swallowed a few (very large) crazy pills and decided to start a Christian Classical school in one of the most expensive, challenging areas of the country—San Diego, CA—while trying to juggle being mother to three children under the age of four at the time and being a supportive wife to her entrepreneur husband. By God’s grace, The Cambridge School is thriving and she has lived to tell about the experience and share some humbling and hard-won lessons learned from the first ten years.

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