Stewarding Lateral Entries into Language: Successes and Failures in Growth and Assimilation

This seminar will relate the success (and failures) of expanding the language program at Covenant Classical School (Fort Worth) over the past years. From adding Greek, to doubling class sizes and sections, to widening the capabilities of student support, this department has seen more lateral entries nearly every year. Challenges abound, such as dealing with dyslexia and dysgraphia, adopting accommodations for student support plans, managing mid-term entries, re-thinking scope and sequence to make more entries possible, providing opportunities for remediation, not to mention how to assimilate students with little or now language exposure into the middle and latter years of a 10-year scope and sequence in a classical language. while much of the source material will stem from a program that offers Latin and Greek, the content will be applicable to other languages. The seminar will conclude with Q&A especially aimed at exploring other schools’  attempts at similar endeavors.


*Note: Unfortunately, there was a technical failure 13 minutes into this presentations, so we only are able to provide the first part of his lecture. We apologize for the inconvenience.