The Art of Debate: Developing Students Who Cling to Truth

Tim Goodwin July 17, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


The Word of God is clear that Christians are to hold ethics in a place of utmost importance. The purpose of debate is to show students that they are called to think eternally, following an avenue that impacts the way they live in 21st century America. Therefore, the focus is to build the students' Biblical worldview, through expanding a student's ability to soundly argue on all grounds. A student who holds the ability to argue on the grounds of any subject is a student who is capable of having sound theological doctrine in his or her own life. So, yes the student will be arguing ethical standpoints all across the board, but they will learn under the pretense of what is really Truth. The student will reach maximum learning capacity when they understand how to argue their opposition, by being their opposition.


biblical Debate Senior Thesis Student


Tim Goodwin

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