The Frustrations of Working with the School Board

Kris Bjorgen May 28, 2011

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2011


The seminar host often asks administrators this question: "Of all the facets of your ministry, what do you find the most challenging." Without exception, the number one response is, "The school board!" When asked for clarification, the most common responses are: "They create policies that discourage growth." "They do not support my leadership at the school." "They micro-manage the school." "They do not follow proper protocol when dealing with problems." "They don't fully understand the mission purpose of Christian education, so they make policies that lead our school away from accomplishing our purpose." "They make decisions without thoroughly understanding the ramifications of those decisions." This seminar shares insightful suggestions for improving the relationship between the school administrations and the board. Included are a five page handout ad a pdf copy of a 31 page resource written by the seminar host to give to the school boards.


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Kris Bjorgen

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