The Liberal, Common, and Fine Arts

Ravi Jain July 21, 2017

Presented at:
SCL Summer Conference 2017


Over the past three decades, Christian classical schools have championed the recovery of the liberal arts and discovered lost wisdom in the Trivium as the arts of language and the Quadrivium as the arts of mathematics. But while unearthing these treasures, many have also noted C.S. Lewis' warning in The Abolition of Man. If we do not re imagine our contemporary approach to technology, we should shudder to think what applied "modern science threatens to do to man himself." Wendell Berry and Matthew Crawford likewise have challenged us respectively to recover the Art of the Commonplace and revision Shop Class as Soul craft. As it turns out, neither the Liberal arts nor the common arts can be recovered in isolation, but together, they "form the articulation of a joint." Josef Pieper has not only describe this but also how the fine arts must be joined to these others because they remind us "hot to see." This session will explore how the Christian classical curriculum authentically holds together the Liberal, Common, and Fine Arts through its cultivation of wisdom and virtue in the context of Christian worship and liturgy.


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Ravi Jain
Ravi Jain graduated from Davidson College with a BA and interests in physics, ancient Greek, and international political economy. He worked at various churches, received an M.A. from Reformed Theological Seminary, and later earned a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics from the University of Central Florida. He began teaching Calculus and Physics at the Geneva School in 2003. During his tenure there he has coauthored “The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education,” and has given over 50 talks and workshops throughout the country on topics related to Christian classical education.

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