Towards a Christian Philosophy of Science

John Lennox May 28, 2011

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2011


Are there any common pitfalls among Christians when trying to reconcile faith and science that we should seek to avoid? Does Christian faith offer constructive direction for further developments in natural science (e.g. reconciliation of field and particle theories through theological models of Christ or the Trinity, Cambrian explosion as God's creative action, information/mind as fundamental quantity, etc.)? Are there overlapping or complementary roles for theological and scientific language and models? How does meaning relate to information and how should this influence our philosophy of science? What ought to be the relationship between math and science? Are there any current cultural moods particularly pernicious to good science from which we can escape by breathing in the fresh breeze of the ages and looking at science historically? What is at stake if we fail?


Faith Philosophy Science


John Lennox

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