What Makes Math Different: Main in Classical Schools

John Mays June 10, 2013

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2013


What are the features of mathematics classes at a classical and Christian school that distinguish them from math classes at other schools? Should history figure in? (If so, how can integration of history be done effectively?) What about writing or oral expression? (Ditto.) How about the classical pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty? And most importantly, how should our studies in mathematics point to the Kingdom reign of Jesus Christ? This seminar will address all of these questions and more. Several important books and You Tube videos will also be discussed as resources CCE teachers should know about and utilize.


Classical Education History Mathematics Teachers


John Mays
John holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, a MEd in Secondary Education and an Master’s of Liberal Arts. He served as the Math-Science Department Chair at Regents School from 2001 to 2009, then became Director of the Laser Optics Lab at Regents. He founded Novare Science & Math in 2009, and is the author of numerous student science texts and teacher resources. Now working full time as writer, publisher and consultant, John continues to teach students part time at the Laser Optics Lab at Regents.

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