Choir Director
  • Woodbridge, Virginia
  • May 7, 2020

Conductor, teacher, singer. Being the son of two choir teachers at a K-12 all boys international school in Tokyo, Japan, I feel that I can bring a unique perspective and background to the Orpheus Chamber Singers.  Through St. Mary’s International School, I learned that music is a power that can bring students of different cultural backgrounds together into a place of shared understanding and appreciation. By celebrating our different backgrounds, we became a more cohesive student body. One of the main ways we did this was through singing in choir. It was not uncommon for the St.Mary’s choirs to be comprised of a variety of nationalities, some of which were at war with each other.  The understanding of music that I received from Tokyo, is that music is a language that is understood by everyone, regardless of where they come from, what language they speak, and how they were brought up. The strong choral tradition instilled in me by my parents and by my experience at St. Mary’s International School inspired me to pursue singing and choral music as my life’s passion. 

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Doctorate of Musical Arts: Choral Conducting @ George Mason University
Aug 2017 — Current

Teach MUSI 100, Music Fundamentals, a course designed for non-majors to learn basic
musicianship and theory skills such as:
- Basic notation, music-reading, scales, time signatures, harmony, melody, and the core
elements of music (pitch, rhythm, duration, etc.)
- Students participate in two major projects of basic composition, one based on rhythm and
one based on melody and harmony.
- Teach MUSI 100-DL5, Music Fundamentals, an online course designed for non-majors to learn
basic musicianship and theory skills.
- Teach MUSI 101, Introduction to Classical Music, an online music appreciation course designed
for non-majors to learn basic knowledge of music history as well as music theory. Topics covered
in the course include:
- Basic notation, genres of music, trends and composers from various periods of music
ranging from Medieval to 21st century.

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