Philosophy and Humanities
Philosophy and Humanities
  • San Antonio, TX
  • September 25, 2021

I am a life-long learner excited about investing in the lives of our next generation of believers. I spent 6.5 years in the USAF band. After my time in the band, I attended college and seminary. I live to serve the body of Christ in Christian education. I love teaching any Bible courses, theology, Church History, History, Ethics, Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, Koine/Classical Greek.

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Bachelor of Arts in Systematic Theology @ Multnomah Bible College
Sep 2021 — Oct 2021

I loved my time at Multnomah. I graduated from the Greek program having studied with Dr. Dale Wheeler and Dr. Rex Koivisto.

Master of Arts in New Testament @ BIOLA
Sep 2021 — Oct 2021

I completed the MA NT at BIOLA working under Dr. Moyer Hubbard as well as Dr. Wilkens, Dr. Arnold and Dr. Saucy. It was a wonderful opportunity to study with these fine scholars.

Master of Arts in Christian Thought: Systematic theology and Church History @ Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Sep 2021 — Oct 2021

I also started this degree and returned to it much later. I started in 1996 and completed it (returning to it) in December of 2006. I completed my thesis under Dr. Harold O.J. Brown. I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Brown.

MA History @ University of Texas at San Antonio
Sep 2021 — Oct 2021

I started this degree in 1999 and I completed it (returning to complete it) in 2007. I was privileged to study with Dr. Antonio Calabria (see Cost of Empire at Amazon). Dr. Calabria was an atheist (so I thought) who loved to challenge Christians. I took 7 courses from Dr. Calabria and he recommended me to my PhD degree.

PhD (ABD) Philosophy of Religion @ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Sep 2021 — Current

I have completed my course work and my major comprehensive examination. I am working on my dissertation prospectus (I turned in a rough draft to my reader a short time ago). I have my argument ready and I am eager to write and complete the degree.

MA Philosophy @ University of Texas at San Antonio
Aug 2021 — Oct 2021

I started this degree in 2014 and I completed it in 2018. The years marked want me to backtrack month by month, so I indicate the years here. I studied philosophy. I completed the degree with a major comprehensive and a major project. I did not see the need for a thesis as I had started the PhD degree at SWBTS.


Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics @ St. Mary's University
Sep 2021 — Current

I teach foundations of ethics as well as introduction to Philosophy.

Lecturer in Philosophy @ University of The Incarnate Word
Sep 2021 — Current

I was surprised by a last minute request from the Department head of Philosophy at UIW to teach this semester. I teach one section of introduction to philosophy. He has already contacted me to request courses for the spring.

Full-time Adjunct in Philosophy @ Alamo Colleges
Sep 2021 — Current

I teach introduction to philosophy. I was honored that the department head at Northwest Vista made me a full-time adjunct. The coming spring will mark 2 years as a full-time adjunct!

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