Instructor of Bible and Theology
Instructor of Bible and Theology
  • Yucaipa, CA
  • July 4, 2019

Teaching Experience

 Trinity Baptist Church: “What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him?” God’s Image in Humanity (Spring 2019)
 Three Classes
o 1. Humanity and God
o 2. Humanity and Christ
o 3. Humanity and Eternity

 Yale Divinity School: Edwards & American Puritanism (Spring 2019)
 One Class (partial)
o Orthodoxy and Declension

 Yale University: Philosophy of Technology (Fall 2018)
 One Class
o Being Human: A Response to Transhumanist Futurism via Jewish and Christian Conceptions of the Image of God

 Yale Divinity School: Kant’s Philosophy of Religion (Fall 2018)
 One Class (partial)
o Critique of Judgment: On What Kind of Assent Results from a Practical Faith

 The Bible Tabernacle, Canyon Country, CA (Fall 2017)
 One Sermon:
o Colossians 2:6-7, The Substance of a Christian.

 The Master’s Seminary: Expository Preaching (2016-2017)
 Ten Sermons.
 Moody Bible Institutes Spokane: Life in Bible Times (January, 2016)
 One Class
o “And Let Him Go Up!” The Voice of the Silent Years

 Grace Church, Internship, Seattle WA (Summer-Fall 2014)
 Eight Classes
o Basic Theology

 Moody Bible Institute Spokane: Teaching Assistant to Dr. Joshua Malone, Systematic Theology. (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)
 Four Lectures:
o Lecture 1. Effects of Sin: Transmission.
o Lecture 2. Effects of Sin: Freedom and the Will
o Lecture 3. Christ the Mediator
o Lecture 4. Calvinism & Arminianism.

 Moody Bible Institute Spokane: Athanasius Lecture Series (2012-2014)
 Two Lectures
o Augustine’s City of God
o Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion

 Moody Bible Institute Spokane: Lipit Ishtar Lecture Series (2013-2014)
 One Lecture
o The Covenants: A Theo-Hermeneutical Approach

 Moody Bible Institute Spokane: Historical Theology (Spring 2014)
 One Lecture
o The Princetonians: Charles Hodge & B.B. Warfield

 Moody Bible Institute Spokane: Church History (Spring 2014)
 One Lecture
o Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion



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Sacred Theology @ Yale Divinity School
Aug 2018 — May 2019

Master of Sacred Theology in Systematic Theology

Divinity @ The Master's Seminary
Aug 2015 — Jun 2018

Master of Divinity

Biblical Studies @ Moody Bible Institute
Aug 2010 — Dec 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies


Research Assistant, The Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary @ Gateway Seminary, Los Angeles Campus
Jun 2019 — Current

Administrative work; assistant work; editorial work.

Pastoral Teaching Intern @ Grace Church
Jun 2014 — Dec 2014

Taught Sunday school; learned from pastor.

Teaching Assistant, Systematic Theology @ Moody Bible Institute
Aug 2013 — Jun 2014

Grading papers, substitute teaching.

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