Do they fly at you like a pelting rain?
Do you find yourself put on the spot, wondering how to respond to a student, parent, or colleague?
Are you plagued by the deep and complex issues of our culture?
Do you wonder how we apply wisdom to truly difficult situations?
Like students confused with their identity? Or polarizing government mandates?
What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?
How exactly do we gracefully engage scared and hurting students, parents, and teachers?
Whether in the boardroom, on the ball field, in the classroom, or on the go… turmoil and uncertainty ravage the headlines, the onslaught of daily questions and decisions remain.
Wouldn't it be great to gather to discuss these complexities together?
Don’t Go It Alone!

about the retreat

Learn how to cut through the noise and chaos of our times. How does the ancient book of Ecclesiastes guide us today? Join us as we contemplate, discuss, and apply the wisdom and discernment God has for us.

  • Enjoy rich, discussion-based time together 
  • Join like-minded peers eager to join the conversation with you
  • Relax and indulge in all things Fort Worth
  • Let SCL create a tailored retreat experience just for you


The Arete group is a gathering of heads of school and other school leaders. The Alcuin group is a gathering of academic leaders and faculty.

retreat snapshot

Wednesday – Saturday
October 20-23, 2021
Fort Worth, Texas
The Kimpton Harper Hotel


Ft. Worth Reception at Refinery 714
Included in Ticket Price


Morning & Afternoon
Sessions & Discussion

Cowtown Evening at The River Ranch
Special Ticketed Dinner


Morning & Afternoon
Sessions & Discussion

Fort Worth Dinner
& Entertainment Options


Session & Discussion

Bring your spouse and make it a getaway or come alone and be welcomed by like-minded peers in a tailored-for-you retreat setting.

FunkyTown at Its Finest

Discover the city where the West begins. Here, you’re invited to a FunkyTown experience – a retreat in the modern-yet-historic heart of a city known as Cowtown.

FunkyTown, Cowtown, or is it Fort Worth? Whatever the name, don’t let locals hear you confuse it with Dallas, because Dallas, it is not. 


  • Stockyards National Historic District – host to the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive
  • Distinctive blues & jazz heritage 
  • True Texas hospitality and legendary brisket
  • 12 remarkable cultural districts, including Sundance Square entertainment district
  • Billy Bob’s – the world’s largest honky tonk
  • Over 200 restaurants and patios

The Kimpton Harper

Housed in a Fort Worth landmark built in 1921, the Kimpton Harper Hotel effortlessly blends the city’s rich history with modern style. Head up to the 24th-floor lobby and Refinery 714, where views of the city and the Texan plains unfold before you, and a lively bar scene beckons with craft cocktails and traditional Ft. Worth fare. Guest rooms feature handcrafted furniture and thoughtfully curated local art, creating a laid-back, luxurious retreat: the perfect place to unwind after exploring the city where the West begins.



$ 449 SCL Member Price
  • $499 for Non-Members
Early Bird


$ 89 Per Ticket
  • For Individuals
Early Bird


$ 499 SCL Member Price
  • $549 for Non-Members


$ 99 Per Ticket
  • For Individuals

Group Online Rate

$ 79 / 70 / 50 Per Ticket
  • Small Group (3-5) = $79
  • Medium Group (6-10) = $70
  • Large Group (11+) = $50