Workgroup Summary Preparation

We are so glad you’re attending our interactive Arete Retreat. As you know, the focus of our time together is discussion-based, as we put theory into practice. In order to maximize our time together, we need your input.  


Step 1

Read the Group Structure PDF to review details of the Critical Friends collaborative sessions. This will help explain how our group time will work.


Step 2

Complete the online form for your case study. We have provided two samples for your convenience.

We know you’re busy! If you run out of time to complete your case before the retreat, be thinking about your case study now and complete your form when you arrive (we will provide a hard copy). Due Thursday no later than 9am. 


Note: You will receive a copy of your form at the retreat to refresh your memory as you share the framework for your issue. Groups will be pre-selected based on the information submitted.

Workgroup Meeting Norms

Confidentiality: We need to ensure that this is a “safe space” for Presenters who are bringing forward challenges. We ask that you honor this and ensure conversations remain strictly confidential. 

Honest Feedback and Advice: We ask that you are honest and respectful in your feedback, and are not afraid to provide both accolades and criticism in helping to address a problem or opportunity. We ask that your feedback is provided in the spirit of helping a leader grapple with serious challenges. 

Shared Purpose: We are here because we believe in the difficult work that school leaders and their teams are doing every day. We are participating as supporters of their work and want to help them succeed on their goals to deliver great results for their students

Focus: We ask that while you are in the room, that you are engaged and focused on helping the leader address his/her challenge. If you need to take a call or send an email, please step away.

Next Steps

Fill out form and come ready for a challenging and helpful time!