Marketing & Podcasts

Marketing Package

Single Quarter – $500
Six Months – $800
Full Year – $1,500

Coaching Calls
Topic specific to attract and support a broad array of individuals in K-12 Classical Christian Schools. Experts, Authors, Panelists and others share best practices on issues and topics relevant to real world issues.

Our wide reaching communications go to all 6,000 plus subscribers composed of school administrators and teachers. Sponsor’s logo and banner ads will be included on a rotating basis.

BaseCamp Live is a weekly podcast now in its fourth year with more than 25,000 unique listeners with a target audience of classical Christian school parents and educators. In partnership with SCL, BaseCamp Live and host Davies Owens will feature both mentions and full 1 minute ads of platinum sponsors. Frequency and nature of the ads to be discussed and may be seasonal based on what is most effective for both organizations.

Social Media Posts
Sponsors will also have the opportunity to be featured on a rolling basis across our social channels.

Package Options
Marketing Packages with SCL are offered in 3-month quarters, which can be purchased as a single quarter, 6-months, or a full year. Quarters must be used in continuum. Additional inquiries and custom options can be made by contacting our engagement coordinator at

BaseCamp Live Sponsorship

What is BaseCamp Live?

You are an influencer…you no doubt want the best for the next generation… academically, emotionally, and spiritually…

Ancient Future Education isn’t something new. The approach has been around for centuries and today is often called classical Christian education. The greatest minds and servant leaders have been educated using this model. It is more than a curriculum…it is a way of life and the model to educate the next generation for the 21st century marketplace.

BaseCamp LIVE will equip you, the parent, grandparent, educator, or mentor, to climb that biggest mountain.

Our guests are some of the top thought leaders, culture watchers, and educational experts. They are familiar with the obstacles you’ll encounter on that uphill climb. They will offer you the tools you’ll need to summit the peak and raise the next generation of exceptionally prepared, compassionate, and thoughtful human beings.

Why Choose Podcasts?

  • There are over 180,000 podcasts in existence in 2017
  • 57 million people listen to podcasts monthly. Up 23% in the past year!
  • Users listen to about 22 minutes per podcast
  • 25 minutes is the average commute time in the US
  • Podcasting is the “Netflix of Radio” – on demand content based on felt need
  • “Listening on the go” is ideal for busy parents on commutes, workout times.
  • Christian podcasts today outnumber music, sports, news – any other industry!
  • Busy parents are less likely to read newsletters or attend parent ed events these days so bring the content to them!

4-Episode Pre/Post Roll Package
– $200
4-Episode Mid Roll Package – $300
10-Episode Pre/Post Roll Package – $450
10-Episode Mid Roll Package – $600
15-Episode Variety Advertising Package – $750

What's Next?

Experience the benefits of SCL sponsorship year-round and at all events.

Contact SCL’s Sponsorship Coordinator, Daniel Copetillo, below.