Theme of The Symposium

Most boards have little or no knowledge of whether the salary and benefit system is mission-specific and mission-driven. Many school heads often have neither the time nor the inclination to examine the message that the salary and benefit structure sends about how teachers are compensated and rewarded. If we could start with a clean slate, what system would we build that would embody and serve a school’s mission and be financially sustainable?

Guest Speaker

Littleford, J.

John Littleford

Littleford & Associates


John Littleford founded Littleford & Associates in 1994. Mr. Littleford has served as head of school for 18 years, a teacher for 25 years, and a board member and chair of schools and nonprofit agencies.

He has written and spoken extensively worldwide on each area of the firm’s consulting expertise. John Littleford is the co-author, with Valerie Lee, of the book, “Faculty Salary Systems in Independent Schools”. This landmark publication on this topic was published by NAIS from 1983-94. His articles on the career ladder concept of faculty compensation are found in Larry Frase’s book, entitled “Teacher Motivation and Compensation”, published in 1992 by the Technomic Press.

Mr. Littleford has his B.A. degree from Dickinson College, Critical Language Degree from Princeton University, M.A. from Harvard University and a Certificate of Advanced Study from Harvard University.

As senior partner, Mr. Littleford conducts all workshops, on-site visits, and evaluations of contracts for Heads and nonprofit CEO’s.

Having earned a reputation for excellence, Littleford & Associates has over 7,000 clients worldwide, including Canada, Southern and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Littleford & Associates has a corporate membership in the National Association of Independent Schools. The firm is listed on the NAIS website under the following service categories: Board services: board development, board/head relations, compensation and benefits, board evaluation, strategic planning, and training and retreats; Administration: head mentoring; Management: executive leadership, organizational and general consulting; Teaching: teacher compensation and evaluation.


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