The Talent Landscape

Chris Hornsby

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December 9, 2022, 11:00 am EST

Finding the right leader can transform a school. Yet, finding the right leader is not easy at all. The number of qualified Heads and other executive level administrators is shockingly low. What happens when, not if, your school comes in need of top leadership at your school? Even though leadership changes and transitions are inevitable, many schools are unprepared to lose any of their key administrators. Eric Cook, SCL President, will be joined by Mr. Chris Hornsby, partner with Carter Baldwin Executive Search, to discuss how schools can position themselves to attract and retain the very best talent. Eric and Chris will also discuss the need for leadership development and succession. 

About our Speaker

Chris Hornsby, Carter Baldwin Executive Search

Chris leads Carter Baldwin’s faith-based K-12 education practice, where he conducts Superintendent, Head of School, and President searches for independent Christian schools, both traditional and Classical, educational ministries of churches, and university-model Christian schools. He has developed a broad network of professionals and gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities their organizations face. With this industry insight, Chris is able to ask the right questions, identify the right candidates, and provide the right counsel to clients through all phases of a leadership transition.