Attention Deficit Crisis Disorder

Tuesday, April 5, 2022
1:00pm ET / 12:00pm CT

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The pain is real. ADCD is a plague to school leadership. One crisis gets resolved and then another pops up, so our plan for the day gets wrecked and we end up playing “Whack-a-Mole” trying to stay slightly ahead of the game.

But that’s no way to lead educators!

Our influence is too important to allow ourselves to burnout on a constant barrage of “emergencies.” In this coaching call, we will share some techniques to consider for overcoming ADCD and staying focused on what matters most.

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About our Speaker

Scott Barron, CRO of School Growth LLC
Scott Barron is an educator, entrepreneur, and author recognized as a leading voice advocating for and encouraging educators in their calling and influence. He serves as the Chief Reinvention Officer of School Growth LLC and the Executive Director of Educators Fellowship. Scott earned his M.Ed from Johns Hopkins University, along with a B.A. in Religion and a B.S. in Computer Science from Mars Hill University. His combination of experience as a school head, business leader, EdTech advisor, college instructor, author, and executive coach gives him a unique perspective to encourage and elevate those who educate.

Shepherding a Successful Leadership Transition

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All school leaders, every one of them, will serve in their roles for a finite period of time. Is your school prepared for this reality? Do you have a plan in place that ensures a successful transition of your Head of School? Division Heads? McKinsey consultant Scott Keller reports that “studies show that two years after executive transitions, anywhere between 27 and 46 percent of them are regarded as failures or disappointments.” However, when transitions are well planned, not only can it go well, but there can be an increase in morale, execution, and even employee retention. Every school can take some simple and practical steps to prepare for the inevitable reality of leadership transitions and do so with wisdom. This coaching call explored these topics and addressed attendees’ questions about leadership transition.  

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About our Speaker

Eric Cook, President of SCL
Eric previous served as the Executive Director and Board Chair, Eric has been formally associated with SCL for over a decade, and he will soon transition full-time in his role as SCL President. Eric has served for 12 years as the Head of School at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, TX. Prior to Covenant, Eric served as the Head of Upper School at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, VA.

A Lexington, KY native, Eric earned a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Social Studies Education from Transylvania University and a master’s degree in Instructional Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. Eric worked in schools in Ohio and Virginia before joining Covenant in 2009. He has taught history, political science, psychology, and philosophy in public schools, and served as an assistant principal for several years.

In 2006, Eric felt called to join the classical Christian school movement and became the Middle and Upper School Head at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, Virginia. In addition to his leadership roles, Eric has taught apologetics, theology, philosophy of religion, and served as a thesis director. Eric and his wife, Liz, have six children. Eric enjoys reading a good book and playing a round of golf in his free time.

The Head and the Board: Making It Work

Perhaps the most important relationship in the school, the Head of School’s relationship with the board can be a tricky one. In this workshop, we will discuss principles and practices that can build
trust, confidence and effective leadership.

Keith Nix

Keith Nix has served as Head of School at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia, since 2010. He also serves on the board of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS). Previously, Keith served as the SCL Board Chair.

Greatest Challenges for School Heads – Learning from One Another

This session provides a unique opportunity to bring up any subject of interest, issues you face, and or problems you need solved and benefit from the wisdom and experience of others. As subjects are raised, Peter will facilitate an efficient and effective dialogue among those gathered providing wisdom and input from others. At the least, you will connect with others with whom you can continue a dialogue, at the most, you will leave unburdened and inspired! Hold on to your (cowboy) hat, this will be a rapid re session with great information for all!

Peter Baur

Peter Baur has served as the Headmaster of Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN. He previously serves as the Director of Admission for Westminster for several years prior to becoming the headmaster in 2012.

Blunder and Lightning: The Glory and Tragedy of the Charge of the Light Brigade

Starting with the background of the key players of Lords Cardigan and Lucan and ending with the Pyrrhic success of the charge itself, this lecture will give meaning to Tennyson’s demand that the “folly” is still worthy of honor.

Evan Wilson

In 1980, Evan and his wife, Leslie, bought a large 8000 sq.ft. arts and crafts home to have a greater effect on college students through hospitality and conversation. The Big Haus is a Christian boarding house and philosophy and arts ministry, through which have traveled over 300 students and the Wilson's own four children. Mr. Wilson has also pastored All Souls Christian Church for 18 years and teaches seminars in Christian social philosophy and antiquities. In educational circles he has both taught at Montrose Academy and Logos School. While serving many years on the SCL board he has spoken at their's and other educational conferences on historic and philosophic topics.

Marketing: Four Phases of Messaging: Following a Dynamic Enrollment Marketing Strategy

Do you have wheelbarrows full of information lined up in your admissions office that you readily dump on prospective parents when they inquire about your school? Do your enrollment materials and website provide an exhaustive explanation of your school, leaving no informational stone unturned? Actually, there’s a more successful way of introducing families to your school. mark Mountan of Peracto Counsulting will introduce you to a simple, 4-step process of presenting your school’s distinctive mission and vision to prospective families. The result is something that every school wants- increased enrollment inquiries and more opportunity to speak with prospective parents face-to face.

Mark Mountan

Mark Mountan is founder of Peracto Consulting and works exclusively with classical Christian schools in implementing comprehensive integrated marketing and communications strategies. He has worked with large and small schools alike. Mark is currently writing a book (scheduled for release in late 2008) designed to help classical Christian schools understand and implement best practices in marketing.

The 21st Century Head of School

The Christian school movement has never been stronger – and never more threatened. A new generation of parenting values, new competition from private and public schools, new financial realities, and new philanthropy patterns all add up to one thing: Christians schools need a NEW kind of leader to building strong 21st century schools. How do you stack up?

Chuck Evans

Chuck Evans is a co-founder of both SCL and the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA). Over the course of more than 15 years, he has become an expert at hanging around SCL conferences without actually working or helping out in any way. Despite that, Chuck and his colleagues do work with and help classical schools to think through their impact on their communities and markets, to design strategies for growth, and to imagine creative ways to apply a classical Christian mission in relationships with students and families.

Marketing: Just What Are You Saying Anyway?

Communication isn’t exactly a snazzy topic. Marketing is much more fun and recognizable. that’s why at many schools marketing garners most of the resources while communications gets a cursory nod and is easily brushed to the side – until something bad happens. Truth is, your school’s marketing efforts will only be as successful as its communication strategy. Mark Mountan of Peracto Counsulting will outline best practices in communication and show you how to leverage the critical points where marketing and internal and external communications intersect. Return to your school with a broadened understanding of communication and practical ways to transform your school’s efforts and involve everyone in the process- administrators, faculty, board members, parents, donors, and others.

Mark Mountan

Mark Mountan is founder of Peracto Consulting and works exclusively with classical Christian schools in implementing comprehensive integrated marketing and communications strategies. He has worked with large and small schools alike. Mark is currently writing a book (scheduled for release in late 2008) designed to help classical Christian schools understand and implement best practices in marketing.