Between the Head and the Teachers

Teachers are the hands of the school. Between them and the Head of School, division heads must animate and extend the Head’s vision and leadership to support teachers executing on that vision—and give the Head of School the information and understanding he or she needs to continue to lead the school in fulfilling its mission. Craig will draw on a decade as division head at Regents School of Austin, sharing lessons, insights and stumbles, and discuss ways division heads can expand their capacity to ful ll their school’s mission.

Craig Doerksen

Craig Doerksen has been the Upper School Head at Regents School of Austin for 10 years. Prior to that, he worked with bluetower arts, a foundation that supports Christians in the arts in the Paci c Northwest. He has also taught and led at Trinity Academy of Raleigh. He has many years of experience in Young Life as well. He has a bachelor’s in English from The University of Oregon, and a Masters of English from the University of Ireland in the Maynooth.

So You Might Want to Be a Headmaster?

Are you willing and able to consider the wild possibility that you can and should be a headmaster in the future? If you have ever wondered, then please attend this workshop. Or perhaps you know that you will not be, but your humble colleague needs you to plant the seed about his or her future. Twenty years ago, an older man told me that he saw something in me that I did not see. Maybe God is calling you to lead a school or a division of your school in the future. Come to this workshop, and together we can explore the possibilities of the future.

Rod Gilbert

Rod Gilbert is the Headmaster for Regents School of Austin. He assumed this position three years ago a er serving as the Head of Upper School for four years. Prior to his career at Regents, Rod was a founding member of Trinity Academy of Raleigh, NC, and served as the Assistant Headmaster.