The Kind of People We Are: Education in Augustine’s “Confessions”

Richard Gamble

Richard Gamble is Anna Margaret Ross Alexander Professor of History and Political Science and Association Professor of History at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. Before coming to Hillsdale in 2006, Richard taught for twelve years in the history and honors programs at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2003 and 2010, he was a Visiting Scholar at St. Edmund's Collee, Cambridge University. He is the author of The War for Righteousness: THe Progressive Clergy, the Great War, and The Rise of the Messianic Nation, author of the chapter on World War I for the forthcoming Cambridge History of Religions in America, and editor of The Great Tradition: Classic Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human being. He specializes in the history of the American civil religion and is currently writing a book on how America became the "city on a hill." His essays and reviews have appeared in The American Conservative, Orbis, Humanitas, The Journal of Southern History, Modern Age, The Intercollegiate Review, and The Independent Review. He serves as a contributing editor for The American Conservative and serves on the board of trustees of The Philadelphia Society and The Academy of Philosophy and Letters.

How We Lost: History of Progressive Education and How We Can Win Again

This seminar will trace the history of progressive education, beginning in 1890s with the emergence of several teacher’s colleges that criticized classical learning and advocated a progressive approach, emphasized a differentiated curriculum which divided students according to their likely future occupations. This seminar will trace the leading thinkers of progressive education from Herbert Spencer (Social Darwinism) to G. Stanley Hall (Child-centered education) to David Snedden (social efficiency, differentiated curriculum) to John Dewey (democratized education, experiential learning) to Edward L. Thorndike (mental testing) to Edward A. Ross (social efficiency, vocational education). It will also trace those who sought to defend the classical curriculum and pedagogy and examine their failures and successes. Finally, the seminar will ask what benefits classical educators can derive from progressive education even as we deflects its attacks and seek to advance classical and Christian education.

Christopher Perrin

Christopher is the CEO and Publisher at Classical Academic Press, and a national leader, author and speaker for the renewal of classical education. He serves as a consultant to classical Christian schools, classical charter schools, schools converting to the classical model and homeschool co-ops. He is the Director of the Alcuin Fellowship, former Vice-Chair of the Society for Classical Learning and previously served as a classical school head for 10 years.