Hands-on Math: Why and How to Make It Happen

Classical education is holistic and embodied. It creates deep understanding and integrates across subjects. Hands-on activities are an effective means for classical math learning.

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Loving Our Neighbor In The Border Crisis: How We Accidentally Started a Refugee Tutoring Program

The Cambridge School is an oasis of classical Christian learning in a community of driven professionals. But ten minutes down the road, migrants and refugees have a very different experience. Service is one of our core values, but God had bigger plans than we did. Come hear our story, and take away some principles for loving the needy around you.

Monica Perumal

Monica Perumal has been at The Cambridge School for 7 years. She is a Singapore Math specialist, helping the ends of the bell curve thrive and supporting elementary math teachers. She teaches 6th grade math, where she has become passionate about hands-on projects to build intuition and improve learning.