Kindergarten Recruitment and Testing

Kindergarten is the ideal entry point for any student – especially in a classical Christian school. A strong foundation is laid in the kindergarten year preparing students for a beautiful journey of virtue formation and discovery for years to come. The Admissions Office is wise to focus most of their energy recruiting families for the early years in hopes of partnering for 13 years. We will delve into ideas for recruiting families with kindergarten children and walking them through the admissions process from first visit to first day of school.

Gretchen Gregory

Mrs. Gretchen Gregory serves as the Director of Admissions. She enjoys welcoming many prospective parents to our campus and walking each family through the admissions process. Gretchen earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from Liberty University. Gretchen worked at a software development company in the marketing department before becoming a mother. She homeschooled her own children for three years until they all joined the Veritas community together in 2005. Gretchen is married to Kevin and has three grown children: Luke, Kara, and Julia.

From Empty Seats to Wait Pools

As the first touchpoint to your school, the Admissions Department has a tremendous opportunity to share your school’s mission and vision with hundreds of families each year. How does the admissions process and office need to evolve over time to accommodate increased interest and applications? We will walk through the steps from initial inquiry to the first day of school to explore potential pitfalls and victories. Learn how the Veritas School has refined and streamlined its admissions process over the last decade — while maintaining the personal touch with each prospective family. This seminar is designed for admissions personnel or those who are directly involved in the admissions process.

Gretchen Gregory

Gretchen Gregory is enjoying her 13th year at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia. In the early years, she served as the Director of Administrative Services, gaining experience in many of the departments and duties of a growing school. For the last 10 years, she has served as the Director of Admissions and has watched the school grow from 153 students during her first year to the current enrollment of 529 students, full classrooms and wait pools in several grades. Gretchen thoroughly enjoys introducing prospective families to the school, walking them through the admissions process and seeing them on campus for their rst day. She believes that unpacking the story of what it means to be a classical, Christ-centered community of faith and learning is a great privilege and responsibility. Gretchen has three children — one Veritas senior and two graduates — and has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 25 years.

Recruiting and Retaining Talented Teachers

Recruiting and retaining talented teachers is a challenge for school leadership. This workshop focuses on the systems in place at The Geneva School to understand staf ng needs, recruit talented teachers, and interview and vet prospective teachers. We will focus on the evaluation and retention of talented teachers, including strategies for monitoring and improving the teaching experience, as well as strategies for long-term retention. We want to win the war for talent by finding and keeping passionate and competent teachers who are not just high IQ, but high EQ, as well.

Jim Reynolds

Jim Reynolds helped begin an ecumenical Christian school in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area in the 1980s and taught there for eight years before becoming a consultant with Harcourt School Publishers. In his 19 years at Harcourt School Publishing (and later Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), Jim transitioned from an Educational Consultant to Mathematics Marketing Manager and then to Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of Mathematics. Jim left educational publishing in 2011 for the opportunity to serve the students, parents and faculty at The Geneva School as the Dean of Faculty. He is excited to lead a very talented faculty in teaching and forming students to love God, love their neighbor and learn about God’s creation. Jim has three sons who have graduated from The Geneva School.

Bob Ingram

Robert Ingram is the Headmaster of The Geneva School in Orlando, Florida, and is in his 10th year as Head of School. Previously he served as a Founding Board Member of Geneva and Chairman of the Board for eight years. Bob is a graduate of The College of Wooster in Ohio, and has master’s degrees from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Geneva College. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and was the Senior Vice President of Ligonier Ministries from 1986 to 1995. In addition to consulting with numerous classical schools, Bob also served as Chairman of SCL. Bob has a granddaughter who attends The Geneva School.

Enrollment Data Analysis, Forecasting and Reporting

Enrollment data is extremely valuable for the achievement of school growth. You can use it to uncover trends and truths about your target market of families, and to more accurately forecast enrollment and tuition. Learn how to collect and use data to produce more useful reports and brand stories that will advance your leadership capacity. In this session, we’ll share strategies for improving data collection and analysis, along with techniques for improving forecasting and reporting.

Tammy Barron

Tammy Barron has a multifaceted background that reflects her broad range of expertise. Following her studies in chemical engineering and journalism, she completed an interdisciplinary degree program and began her career in education. She has a distinct passion for learning, teaching and improving. After serving as a teacher at multiple levels for 10 years, Tammy took on the challenge of building the brand and enrollment for a large private school. She developed processes for growth, built a high-performing team, coordinated marketing plans, re ned the brand and achieved the school’s multimillion dollar revenue goals every year. As part of the school’s growth team, Tammy draws from her expertise in operational excellence and data intelligence. She is also uniquely talented at defining and executing optimal work flows, anticipating the needs of clients, giving direction and feedback and extracting key decision points from the databases that she constantly builds and curates.

Student Recruitment and Retention

Interactive discussion of the most effective means of moving prospective parents to enrolled students.

Peter Baur

Peter Baur serves as the Headmaster of Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN. He previously served as the Director of Admission for Westminster for several years prior to becoming the headmaster in 2012.