Classical Christian Education for All: Starting New Schools for Children of the City

Russ Gregg and Roosevelt Wilson share the urgent need for more urban classical, Christ-centered schools in our nation’s cities, and outline the core DNA of Hope Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the ways the Spreading Hope Network can come alongside and support emerging school leaders in the important work of planning, starting, and leading a new God-centered school for children of the city.

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Planting an Urban Classical Christian School

The education of at-risk youth is the civil rights movement of our day. Public and charter approaches can’t get to the heart of the crisis. Come learn about the story and distinctives of Hope Academy and its “start small, dream big and grow slow” strategy. Participants will walk through an overview of the school’s model for parent engagement and its development cycle for events. Time for discussion and Q&A will be allowed.

Russ Gregg

Russ Gregg has served as Head of School at Hope Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since its founding in 2000. He has been a resident of the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis since 1994. In 1999, he was a school administrator in one of the wealthiest suburbs of Minneapolis before quitting his job to help lay the groundwork for a Christian school for his urban neighbors. Russ and his wife, Phyllis, who teaches 3rd Grade at Hope Academy, live four blocks away from the school. They have three grown children. Russ has a bachelor’s degree in global studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and serves on the Board of Directors of the Society for Classical Learning.

Who’s Missing From Your School?

We know that our schools spread a daily feast of classical, God glorifying education. Are there any people in your city missing from the table? Come and hear how an emerging movement of schools are welcoming the children of urban poor families to “taste and see”. How could your school get in on the surprising joy of spreading the banquet of classical, Christ-centered education to those who could never imagine they were welcome at the table?

Russ Gregg

Russ Gregg is the Co-Founder and Head of School of Hope Academy, a K - 12, Christ-centered, classical school,serving the urban poor of Minneapolis. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin—Madison, Russ is an elder at Jubilee Community Church, and of his many responsibilities, he regards none as more important or more satisfying as teaching the scriptures each week to his li le ock of 120 six and seven year olds at Hope Academy. Russ and his wife, Phyllis, have lived in the inner-city of Minneapolis for 21 years and raised three adult children.