Comenius Reseratus: Applying His Techniques to Your Language Classroom

Will Killmer

A Virginia native, Will has taught a wide range of Latin students, from 3rd Graders just beginning their Latin journey, to high-school seniors in AP Latin. He holds a B. A. in Classics from the University of Virginia, during which time he spent a semester abroad in Rome, as well as two M.A.’s from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. After seminary Will taught Latin in Peabody, MA and since 2017 has been teaching at the Veritas School in Richmond. In the classroom Will likes to use active and communicative methods of Latin instruction that utilize the best practices from the rich 2000 year tradition of Latin teaching and learning, as well as insights from the field of second language acquisition. In particular he enjoys connecting with his students in, through, and about all things Latin and ancient Rome. He and his wife enjoy raising their three daughters (Amelia, 5, Lucy 4, and Rosemary, a newborn), reading, cooking, and playing games.