Private schools are notorious for being especially dependent upon the least effective and most inef cient fundraising techniques on the planet. Championed by headmasters, directors, board members, consultants and software companies, the sacred cows of professional fundraising won’t be losing their tenured spots in your development plan anytime soon. That is unless after attending this workshop you have the courage to make some changes. In this workshop, you will discover that there is no mystery when it comes to increased fundraising performance. If your school wants to revolutionize your fundraising efforts with an unorthodox yet highly-effective approach, here’s your opportunity.

Jason Lewis

For nearly fifteen years, Jason has raised millions of dollars for faith-based and advocacy organizations by deliberately focusing on the most e ective fundraising techniques. He routinely works with leadership teams, development commi ees and boards to develop high-net fundraising strategies that work. As a graduate of AFP’s Faculty Training Academy, Jason is recognized among the association’s elite group of Master Trainers. Jason is the Head of School at Logos Academy; a high-performing, urban classical school located in the heart of a York City, Pennsylvania- a small, economically distressed city. Seventy- ve percent of the students at Logos Academy are bene ciaries of Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). Since 2001, EITC maintains overwhelming bi-partisan support throughout the state and has been highly-instrumental in Logos Academy’s success.