This workshop aims to tackle the biggest challenges that are particular to classical collaborative schools, then consider some ways that collaborative schools have responded. We’ll look at issues such as part-time faculties, parental under- and over-involvement, classroom teacher/student time limitations, consistency concerns, and more. We’ll touch on workload balance, and you are encouraged to check out a separate presentation on this perennial concern for collaborative educators.

Bret Billman

Bret Billman has been the Head of School since 2011. He and his amazing wife Sarah, have a son, Maddox, and a daughter, Olivia, who both attend Providence Preparatory School. The son of two educators, Bret grew up in Wichita, Kansas and attended Baylor University, where he received a BA and an MA in English Literature. At Providence, he has taught various levels of English and Logic, and continues to enjoy leading the school-wide Morning Chapel. Over the years, he has developed a passion for supporting family discipleship, and he leads a cyclical four-year program for students and parents to grow in their understanding of Scripture. He loves working with Providence teachers, students, and parents, and finds himself overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to serve in this position. Bret enjoys learning new things with his kids, playing board games, rooting on the Baylor Bears, shooting hoops, reading, and multiple other hobbies and interests that seem to change with the seasons. He lives in Temple and worships at Temple Bible Church with his family.