In this seminar, we will survey the ways that the great ancient and medieval Christians transformed pre-Christian thought by sifting, synthesizing, and transforming it in light of the lordship of Christ the Logos and his gospel of redemption. We will consider a few of the great synthesizers: Augustine, Basil, Gregory the Great, and Aquinas as representative examples. We will note the ways in which Greek and Roman thought was rejected and the ways in which much of its thought and yearning was fulfilled in the Incarnation and founding of the church. We will note in particular the ways in which Christian education embodies this transformative synthesis.

Dr. Chris Perrin

Christopher Perrin, MDiv, PhD, is the CEO with Classical Academic Press, and a national leader, author, and speaker for the renewal of classical education. He serves as a consultant to classical Christian schools, classical charter schools, and schools converting to the classical model. He is the director of the Alcuin Fellowship, former co-chair of the Society for Classical Learning, an adjunct professor with the honor's program at Messiah College, and previously served for ten years as a classical school headmaster.