The Scaramental Classroom: Creating Assignments that Invite the Holy Spirit

Annie Bullock discusses creating assignments that invite the Holy Spirit.
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The integration of faith into the learning enviornment requires a delicate balance between guidance and permission to wrestle with core issues, including faith and doubt. Young people need leadernship but they also need the freedom to be vunlerable and honest as they explore. This seminar will address practical ways to facilitate trust between teachers and students so that students can wrestle appropriately with their questions without being required to arrive at a set of predetermined answers. It is an enviornment characterized by trust, it is possible to create assignments that prompt spiritual growth without demanding it or dictating its shape. These practices are intended to invite (and not command) the Holy Spirit to be present transforming the classroom into a truly sacramental space.

Annie Bullock

Annie Bullock lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and three children. She is a humanities instructor at Regents School of Austin, where she teaches Apologetics and Literature classes. She holds a Master’s in Theological Studies and PhD in Religion, both from Emory University.