The classical teacher should strive to become a grammarian, logician, and rhetorician as they are the trivium incarnatum. A teacher takes their first steps toward the trivium incarnatum through the study of Latin or Greek. As they become a grammarian, their soul is prepared to be struck by truths outside of themselves as they learn to submit to text and that language is a tradition. Once submitted to text, the teacher creates an environment where text reads the student. The teacher will simultaneously develop a deeper understanding of dialectic and rhetoric while studying Latin grammar. Therefore, Latin education for teachers of all subjects is a powerful step towards the trivium incarnatum.

David Miller

David Miller serves as the Middle School Humanities Integration Lead and history teacher at The Bear Creek School in Redmond, WA, and he is a member of the Classical Advisory Committee. David has designed and taught classical curricula for Medieval Western Civilization, World Geography, Rhetoric, and other interdisciplinary elective courses. He has developed curricula with emphasis on integrating Latin and rhetoric across disciplines, while using primary sources and Socratic seminar method. He has coached many sports including coaching cross country to ten state meet appearances. David holds a B.A. from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) and a Masters in Teaching from Northwest University (Kirkland,WA). He and his wife, Lauren, are members of Redeemer Redmond Church (PCA). David hopes to honor his Alma Mater but working “For Christ and His Kingdom.”