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Why An SCL Workshop?

Why an Equipping Workshop? To gain new insight, knowledge, and skills around best practices in a short, intensive format.  Designed for administrators, teachers, parents, leaders, and department heads – anyone seeking to learn and grow in their role. 

Do you desire to delve into a specific topic or skill? Are you helping your school grow into its next stage? Are you new to your position? Or did you assume your position with little direct experience? Do you find yourself needing vital skills and best practices to develop a transformative plan for your school, department, or team? Equipping workshops are designed to provide you fundamental best practices for your role. 

Workshop leaders are seasoned professionals in their field. Based on years of experience, they will share professional standards, teach you common strategies, and equip you with the skills and resources you need for your next challenge.

About SCL Workshops

Equipping Workshops are 6-week long courses led by veteran school leaders with expertise in their field. Groups are limited to 6-12 members.

The intensive six-week format is brief and efficient, designed for busy school leaders. And while this format doesn’t allow time for the same level of relational depth as cohorts, workshops are an excellent introduction to what SCL has to offer at a lower price point, lower commitment of time, and is still an excellent way to connect with other like-minded CCE professionals. 

Each equipping workshop will:

  • Participate in 60-90-minute weekly sessions for 6 weeks 
  • Discover new tactics and strategies specific to your field, particular challenge, or topic
  • Receive specialized resources, shared documents, and training material
  • Connect with other leaders dealing with similar situations
  • Hear from experienced leaders and industry experts
  • Use each week for independent work, connecting with peers, and group learning

Six-Week Workshops.

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All Workshops cost $679

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