About the Workshop

In fundraising, the desire to raise needed resources in a way that aligns with our values often gets lost in the pressure to do what will bring the greatest financial return. Yet, most of us would agree that this work should be done according to biblical values.

The question is, do we understand those values specifically as they pertain to our fund
development work, and have we written them down in a way that can allow them to guide us in our daily decisions and actions? That is the purpose of creating a written “theology of development” for your school’s fundraising work. This workshop will provide a detailed overview of what that document might look like, how you can use it, and then facilitate the development of your own document for your school.

Meeting Date and Time:  Starting February 21st, Tuesdays, 9:00am PST

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Dr. Scott Rodin, Senior Consultant & Chief Strategy Officer, has helped hundreds of organizations over the past thirty-eight years improve their effectiveness in leadership, fund development, strategic planning and board development. Dr. Rodin developed the DISCERN® process for strategic planning, which he has used to serve dozens of organizations over the past 20 years.

He currently serves as a Senior Fellow of the Association of Biblical Higher Education and as board chair for ChinaSource. In addition, Dr. Rodin is past president of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Christian Stewardship Association.

Dr. Rodin holds Master of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Systematic Theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He’s written fourteen books on stewardship and generosity, and speaks regularly at conferences, retreats and professional development events.
Scott Rodin
Chief Strategy Officer, The Focus Group


Theology of Development workshop

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