This seminar looks at how a community of colleagues, supporters, and followers helps to sustain the faith and persistence of a person in life and in leadership, encouraging and helping to achieve far more together than any one “heroic” individual could ever accomplish alone including lessons in how to lead and forge a great team.

Ray Blunt

Ray Blunt graduated with a B.S. in engineering and political science from the U.S. Air Force Academy followed by Master’s degrees in Economics from Central Missouri University and in Theological Studies, with Honors, from Wesley Theological Seminary. A er a 35-year career in public service culminating as a Senior Executive, he has spent the last two decades helping to grow the next generation of servant leaders as a teacher, mentor, writer, speaker, and consultant. Ray is an avid kayaker, cyclist, and B.J.’s husband since 1964. They are members of Restoration Anglican Church where they mentor young couples and singles. They have two grown children, and are grandparents to two Ad Fontes graduates and three younger AFA and home schooled grandchildren. This is his h year teaching at Ad Fontes.