Annual Conference


The SCL Annual Conference features a variety of speakers from both K-12 schools, colleges and other organizations involved in the renewal of classical Christian education. We seek to make our conferences open and convivial, fostering conversation and new relationships.

The conference features several prominent plenary speakers and dozens of smaller workshops, while also intentionally making room for informal gatherings.

2018 Conference

The 2018 Conference is in Birmingham, AL from June 28-30 and the theme is “Loving God with All Your Mind“. More details are available on the 2018 Conference page.

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You will be encouraged to think deeply, consider new perspectives, and continue to improve as a teacher and leader as you participate in workshops, listen to plenary presentations, and interact with colleagues.


The best part of the conference is often the informal gatherings over meals and drinks that happen between sessions. Meet and fellowship with passionate educators from around the world. Share curriculum, ideas, and stories with like-minded peers.


Take notes. Reflect. Plan for next year. The conference offers countless opportunities to develop as a teacher, as a learner, and as a human being. Whether its wisdom from Socrates or a marketing plan (or both at the same time), prepare to leave the conference with more tools than you had when you arrived.