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Classical Christian Schools are organizations, and as such it can be difficult to “customize” education, but we can most certainly individualize education in both our structure and our use of classical pedagogy.  Rather than fitting the students to the schedule we should fit the schedule to the students, while keeping in mind that there is no “middle student,” but each one is an individual. A right understanding of the trivium, coupled with a flexible structure, can individualize education in our organizations, allowing us to not just accommodate various learning abilities but to truly serve the various learning abilities. Rather than an organization “taking students” we should be schools that “welcome” students of various learning abilities.

*This cohort is open to both teachers and leaders interested in this topic

Meeting Dates & Times: Begins September 13th, then 1st Tuesday of each month @ 5:00pm PST

Meet Your Cohort Leader​

Heather Lloyd has been teaching for 28 years and has worked in and consulted for various schools. This work fostered the idea for Concordis Education Partners, providing services that schools need so that heads of school can focus on what really matters; excellent, gospel-centric education that serves all. Concordis Education Partners works with over twenty schools, provides administrative services, training for teachers, and provides specialized support for schools that take students with special needs.
Heather Lloyd
Concordis Education Partners


serving exceptional students cohort

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In order to keep group sizes small, and maximize effectiveness, groups are limited in size (typically 10-12) and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are asked to commit to the work and engagement involved.
Due to the limited size, some individuals will be waitlisted until there are enough applicants to form a new group. Also, a minimum of six participants are needed for each group to make.


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