Parenting Kids 12 and Under Cohort

Meet Your Cohort Leader​

Keith McCurdy has worked with families, children, parents, and individuals for over 35 years in the field of mental health, working with more than 20,000 individuals and families. He received his Master of Arts and Education Specialist degrees from James Madison University. He is currently the President and CEO of Total Life Counseling, Inc., and is licensed in the state of Virginia as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Keith provides counseling and consulting services as well as a variety of workshops on improving parenting skills, building strong marriages, and maintaining healthy relationships. He has developed and regularly offers parenting retreats entitled “Raising Sturdy Kids” to help parents operate from the correct paradigm with their children and has extended and customized this powerful program for schools and students.

For many years Keith has been a Nationally recognized consultant and speaker to corporations and schools both within and outside of the world of Classical Education and he is the founder of Live Sturdy, LLC. He is regularly featured on multiple podcasts including BaseCamp Live and the Circe Institute, speaking on topics related to raising sturdy kids and building sturdy marriages. A significant part of his work has been helping parents understand the needed benefit of allowing their children to struggle to learn to do hard things.

He previously served as Chairman of the Board at Faith Christian School, a Christian classical school in Roanoke, VA. Keith is an avid outdoorsman and previously has been actively involved with Boy Scouts of America and coaching high school basketball. He and his wife Lynnie have been married for 27 years and have two adult children.
Keith McCurdy
President & CEO,
Total Life Counseling



Small group of 8-10 Families to ensure relational depth and connection with parents from across the country.


Access to a “tool box” via a shared folder of carefully curated collection of tools, resources and articles.


One of a kind program of direct parent coaching.


Clear and practical strategies for direct implementation in the family.

Purpose & Format

The Parenting Cohort Program is designed for parents of children 12 and under, seeking to better understand the foundational basics of raising sturdy young men and women of character.  As we have gone further down the road of embracing the “therapeutic” approach to parenting, we have lost both our ability to parent well and raise children who can handle the normal rigors of life.

This program is designed to support, equip, and encourage parents along the journey of raising children with a common foundation of healthy parenting.  Designed for both single parents and couples (both parents are encouraged to attend when possible), we will focus on navigating the most common obstacles in parenting today.

  • Six weekly 60 minute facilitated discussion sessions via Zoom
  • 20-30 minutes of advanced homework for each session including pre-session videos to introduce each weekly topic
  • Open dialog regarding the struggles, challenges, and successes in parenting
  • Recordings of sessions available to all participants
  • Access to “chat room” of parenting cohort for duration of program

Cohort Syllabus

Development of Therapeutic Mindset and its effects on parenting.

  • Top 5 most common “issues” that present in office
  • What are shared struggles in the group
  • Overcoming bad habits of parenting – understanding the change process
  • What is the correct “Order”
  • Managing our own emotional “disordering”
  • To engage or not to engage
  • How to handle grumbling
  • Establishing Family Identity – Setting Boundaries that clarify “who we are”
  • Giving more “life” to our children- Doing less and requiring more- moving our children from consumer to contributor
  • Simplifying an overall parenting strategy related to behavior change-connecting cause and effect (basic learning tool of childhood)
  • Limiting Distractions-taming both technology and extra curriculars
  • Making decisions as “one”
  • Being people of our word
  • Seeing parenting as a marathon rather than a sprint


Parenting Kids Cohort​

$ 679 Regular Price
  • SCL Member Schools receive 10% discount
  • Monthly Payment Options Available


In order to keep the group sizes small, and maximize effectiveness, we will take applications on a first-come, first-served basis. This application has no obligation. Once you apply, we will personally reach out to you to answer any questions after reviewing your application. If you are approved, you will be informed of the specific start date for your cohort, asked to sign a commitment to the cohort, and given a link to submit payment. Some individuals will be waitlisted until there are enough applicants to form a new group. We will keep you updated as to your application status.