Teachers are every school’s greatest asset, and mission is every school’s most important objective. But, few things are more difficult for teachers than faithfully representing our far-too-often ethereal mission statements in the every-day trenches of the classroom. In this seminar, Dr. Littlejohn leads participants through practical steps that will ensure teachers that every lesson, every project, every field trip is mission driven, so that we are sure to deliver to our students and families exactly what they believe they are getting… mission relevant teaching.

Robert Littlejohn

Dr. Littlejohn is Head of School at Trinity Academy of Raleigh, North Carolina. As a Ph.D Biologist, he has authored two college biology laboratory texts and has published 26 reports of original research in the fields of Ecology, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Science Educational Theory. In 2006, he coauthored Wisdom and Eloquence: a Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning, published by Crossway Books, Chicago. His career spans 26 years in K-12 and higher education, during which he has served in a variety of teaching and administrative capacities, including Academic Vice President for a liberal arts college and Director for a consortium of ten colleges and universities. He was founding headmaster for New Covenant Schools in Virginia, founding executive director for the society for Classical Learning and a founding board member for the American School of Lyon, France. He is a certified facilitator for Appreciative Inquiry, an AQIP reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and a Consultant to Colleges and schools across the nation.