Logic School Latin Teacher

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The Cambridge School Published: June 15, 2018
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The Cambridge School is a K-Prep through 12th grade classical Christian school located in beautiful San Diego, CA. Founded in 2006 for the purpose of providing a distinctly Christian education in the classical tradition, we are growing rapidly as we add a grade each year up to 12th. Cambridge is equipping its students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful and is preparing them to live purposefully and intelligently in service of God and neighbor. Get acquainted with us at www.cambridgeclassical.org.

We are seeking a person who has a passion for both the beautifully rigid structure of Latin grammar and working with junior high-aged children. A Latin teacher at the logic stage must have the ability to play many roles. As their guide and entertainer, you are tasked with maintaining the students’ focus while making Latin an enjoyable learning experience. Not only do you instruct your students in memorizing vocabulary, conjugations, and declensions, but you also introduce the older students to the more idiomatic concepts of the language like case uses. You are also their bard instilling students with an early love for topics like Greek mythology and Roman history. You lead the students through abridged readings that allude to and excite them for the works of Caesar, Vergil, and Ovid that they will read in the years to come. This is the teaching position for the Latinist who predominately identifies himself or herself as a grammarian with a particular affinity for its syntax.


  • Teach multiple logic school grades through novice-to-intermediate Latin courses
  • Regularly assess students through homework, quizzes, and tests to ensure they are mastering the language at an appropriate level
  • Integrate Latin grammar at the students’ respective level of  English grammar
  • Indicate useful and obvious connections of Latin and English etymology
  • Teach students to identify and translate basic Latin syntax (e.g. case uses such as ablative of means, dative of possession, etc.)
  • Immerse the students in the cultural side of Latin by teaching the students about classical mythology and history through abridged readings
  • Impart an enthusiasm for the Latin language with an end towards setting the students up for success at higher levels
  • Meet with the language chair and other Latin teachers on a regular basis to discuss and set goals as well as guarantee alignment through the entire Latin curriculum


  • An educational background in Latin (college level preferred as a minimum)
  • An affinity for working with younger children in an excitable and infectious manner
  • Ability to maintain control over a classroom; demonstrating a balance of firmness and patience
  • Excellent communication skills in order to effectively work with other faculty, parents, and students alike